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Kayaks by NC Kayaks

If you're in the market for a new touring kayak, you've come to the right place! NC Kayaks manufactures the best fiberglass sea touring kayaks available, and we do it for less.

But there are a lot of kayak manufacturers who make the same claim. What makes NC Kayaks different, you ask? It really comes down to our kayaks' performance, style, and value.


Our sea kayaks are the fastest and lightest models available and possess extraordinary tracking and stability. Most kayaks trade one of these facets for another - if the kayak is stable, it's not fast, for example - but our unique hull design and superior construction surpasses these limitations.

Our kayaks are the fastest in their class. Even though NC kayaks are a consistent race winner, one does not have to be a racer to enjoy our product. This speed translates to a more pleasant paddling experience. The speed also means it takes fewer paddle strokes to go from point A to point B, and can make a touring trip that much more entertaining. We achieve this speed with the performance flange and an extremely narrow bow and stern. These reduce flex and limit water resistance, thereby efficiently using all the power put into each paddle stroke.

The extremely narrow stern allows our kayaks to track straight exceptionally well. The kayak is unaffected by wind or tide conditions as well as reduces the need for corrective strokes. Essentially, once a paddler picks a landmark or compass point, the kayak will carry him or her there. Thus, instead of constantly worrying about navigation, paddlers can enjoy the scenery.

Our unique hull design yields excellent stability. A common concern with the entry level paddler is tipping over, which is very difficult to do in one of our kayaks. This stability, known as initial stability, is remarkable. For the more advanced paddler, our soft chine and performance flange result in unrivaled secondary stability.

We at NC Kayaks take great pride in the construction of our ocean kayaks. We handcraft each fiberglass part, as the entire kayak is made in-house. By making each part by hand, we are also able to significantly reduce the weight by eliminating excess resin in the laminate. By taking such care in the manufacturing process, NC Kayaks produces the lightest kayaks available.


If a kayak is not attractive, its performance features will often be overlooked. Fortunately, our ocean kayaks have a sleek, classic look to them. Feel free to be the judge by looking at our collection of pictures available in the gallery and on the individual kayak model pages.

Being the manufacturer means our customers can customize the kayak colors to their liking. We offer 17 different colors choices for the hull, deck, seat and coaming. NC Kayaks is also proficient at combining colors for fade or webbed finishes.


NC Kayaks sells factory direct. This means that our customers save roughly 30% over what they would spend for a comparable kayak in a retail outlet. We pass on the savings directly to you, the customer.

We at NC Kayaks firmly believe that we have the best sea touring kayak on the market. Our customers agree with us.

Please call or email us with any questions or to order your new NC kayak.


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Color Previewer


We've added a new feature to our website, our Color Previewer.

With the Previewer, you can try out hundreds of different color combinations and see how they might look on an NC Kayak.


I can't think of too many products that I have purchased in which I have enjoyed greater pride of ownership…

No weathercocking at all…

Better than any of the other nine boats I have owned…

I can't get over how amazing it is…

It's nice to know that you can make a purchase like this and have it turn out better than expected…

The fiberglass material and workmanship is all I could have hoped for…

It comes up with incredible hull speed and unparalleled stability…

It is the best kayak seat I've seen…

I love this boat, it's fantastic…

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